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Book Review: The Shameless Hour

The Shameless Hour

Author: Sarina Bowen

Publisher: Rennie Road Books

Genre: New Adult Romance

Synopsis: From Sarina Bowen For Bella,  the sweet-talking, free-loving, hip-checking student manager of the Harkness men’s hockey team, sex is a second language. She’s used to being fluent where others stutter, and the things people say behind her back don’t (often) bother her. So she can’t understand why her smoking hot downstairs neighbor has so much trouble staying friends after their spontaneous night together. She knows better than to worry about it, but there’s something in those espresso eyes that makes her second guess herself.

Rafe is appalled with himself for losing his virginity in a drunken hookup. His strict Catholic upbringing always emphasized loving thy neighbor—but not with a bottle of wine and a box of condoms. The result is an Ivy League bout of awkwardness. But when Bella is leveled by a little bad luck and a downright sinister fraternity stunt, it’s Rafe who is there to pick up the pieces.
Bella doesn’t want Rafe's help, and she’s through with men. Too bad the undeniable spark that crackles between the two of them just can't be extinguished.

Thoughts: Ahhh happiness. I do so love going back to a bookish world I love and this book was filled with the old characters I fell in love with, and added new ones that made me want to hound the author to write already, WRITE!

This book tackled some really important issues in a great way. The treatment of Bella by the fraternity is so far from acceptable that I wanted to go out and hurt people, unfortunately it isn't exactly uncommon. What they did to Bella was extreme but the double standard that it shows is awful and all to common. I can totally understand why Bella* didn't want to report it but the feminist in me wants to shake her. There are so very many reasons why things like this need to be reported and when strong individuals don't then we all lose. But yeah I understand it.

Part of me wanted to see more of the characters I've come to love, especially Graham and Rikker. I just adore those two so much. I wanted a conversation between Graham and Bella about the previous year. Bella seems to understand but I get the feeling she hasn't quite forgiven.

I loved how Rafe was a friend to Bella first and foremost. He definitely wanted more but he understood that it was friendship that she really needed at times. I also liked how he was so protective over her. It was sweet. I also think that the friendship came across very well on the page. That said I also really enjoyed how they they then became a couple. I think Bella's realizations and growth throughout the book were great. Senior year in both high school and college are SCARY, you don't know what the future holds and everything is done for the last time. It is enough to make anyone neurotic even without all that Bella had going on.

Despite the book tackling some really big issues there was also a great deal of humour in it. Most of it came from Lianne who I am really looking forward to reading more about (with DJ maybe?) The "prank" not to mention when she told Bella "Once more with feeling". HILARIOUS.

Overall I really enjoyed this book because it was sweet and funny and serious and sexy. One cannot go wrong with that mix.

I received a review copy of this book from the author but all thoughts and opinions are my own and I plan on buying a copy as well, 'cause I'm like that.

*I know Bella is fictional but...

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