Sunday, 20 September 2015

I'm back...Again

So new job...kicked. my. butt. the first month. Not that it is more difficult than my old job, but it is different and it has been majorly zapping my energy. I am enjoying it though. I have some great colleagues and the students...oh my the students. I keep expecting someone to jump out of a locker and yell PUNKED! Today several students stayed after class to discuss politics. They ask intelligent questions, they are prepared for class (mostly, the firsties need to be whipped into shape). They take notes. They are interested. It is a DREAM. It also demands a great deal of me as a teacher. I need to be very prepared for my classes.

I have been reading quite a bit while I haven't been blogging. I have read some great books, some middling books and some down right awful books. I will be blogging about the great books and leave the others to the side. I'll also continue posting some old reviews, plus next week we have an awesome event her in my city, the annual book fair. I haven't decided on which day(s) I'll be going but going I will

If you want to read some really good books Sarina Bowen's Coming In From the Cold (Gravity Book 1) is free for the Kindle right now. No excuse not to get it.

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