Friday, 9 January 2015

War Through the Generations Challenge

In addition to the Feminism Challenge I wanted one other themed challenge. I chose the War Through the Generations. This year it doesn't focus on a particular war but rather you can jump around. This appeals to my eclectic reading as it gives me a focus but doesn't force me into a particular time period.

I have some ideas of books I want to read. I also have some poems I want to discuss that I think fits nicely into this challenge.

Below are some of the books I will be reading/am considering. I've picked at least one from each of wars that have been previously featured in the challenge for a full year

Abigail Adams by Woody Holton (Just found this book and it isn't just about the American Revolution but it is about a figure that was important to the war so...)

Uncle Tom's Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe (link to free Kindle edition) (A classic that has been on my TBR for ages (will also fit one of the categories I am missing in the classics challenge)

All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque (Has been on my shelves for quite some time)

The Penguin Book of First World War Poetry

Ardennes 1944: Hitler's Last Gamble by Anthony Beevor (due out in May 2015) (My grandfather fought in the Ardennes but never talked about the war. I want to read this book to learn more about that part of the war)

Band of Brothers: E Company, 506th Regiment, 101st Airborne from Normandy to Hitler's Eagle's Nest by Stephen E. Ambrose (Another one that has been sitting on my Kindle for ages, I really enjoyed the tv series so I am hoping I'll like the book)

Matterhorn: A Novel of the Vietnam War by Karl Marlantes (I've had this one sitting on my Kindle for ages so time to read) 

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  1. Looks like a great collection of books! You are going to be ever so educated.