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Book Review: The Year We Hid Away

The Year We Hid Away

Author: Sarina Bowen

Publisher: Rennie Road Books

Genre: New Adult Romance

Synopsis: Secrets. Everyone has them. Some are big. Others small. And sometimes it is important to just be in the moment, however, sooner or later secrets come out. Scarlet and Bridger both have secrets but they also have each other.

Thoughts: This book has a bit more of a mystery aspect to it than the other books in the series. Why does Bridger have to run off? Did Scarlet's father really commit the crime? And that in some respects appealed to me. At the same time the threat from the body guard seemed a bit silly. On balance however I really liked this book.

I liked that both Scarlet and Bridger learned that it actually helps to share burdens. This became extra clear at one point when Scarlet says to Bridger:
"You just had the same fight with Hartley that you picked with me."
Bridger's answer was almost a grunt. "I noticed."
I know I am very guilt of trying to do things myself, I've gotten better over the years but when I was in my twenties...I had to be in dire straights for me to ask for help. When we are in our twenties we are so desperate to be thought of as adults that for some reason we have come up with the idea that asking for help is taking us back to being children, when in fact knowing when you need help and asking for it is the actual sign of maturity.

Like the other books in the series this is also a love story. Part of me loves that love story, and part of me hates it. It uses the sad old trope of finding the right girl turns player boy into a loyal boyfriend, and that annoys me quite a bit. At the same time in this type of book it actually makes more sense. I don't think it is impossible to think that someone who is a player at 18-19 wants to settle down when they become older. It just seems like quite a jump. But I did love it because I am a sucker for a nice boy who loves a girl.

I did like the fact that Scarlet didn't want to make a big deal out of losing her virginity. I think that making it into a big deal in pop culture has led to more let downs than not. But that the same time, did it have to be so darn good for her :). Yes I am hypocritical here.

Overall this was a good, entertaining read that I won't mind reading again.

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